Vegetation History of Eleuthera, Bahamas

Vegetation History of Eleuthera, Bahamas: Pollen and Charcoal Analysis of Sediment Cores from Two Sites Presented by Eric Kjellmark Eric Kjellmark, Lisa Park Boush, Ilya Buynevich, Amy Myrbo, Mary Jane Berman, Perry Gnivecki, and Eric Brown In 2012, sediment cores were recovered from two sites […]

Monitoring Coenobita clypeatus Populations

Monitoring Coenobita clypeatus populations and the use of touch tanks in conservation initiatives: Helping Soldier crabs win the battle for top coastal scavenger in the Bahamas Presented by Melanie DeVore Melanie DeVore, Deborah Freile, and Sandra Voegeli Soldier crabs, Coenobita clypeatus, are scavengers and play […]

Crab Pen Survey & Harvest Analysis of the Land Crab

Tami LaPilusa (Lecturer, Biology Department; School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences; G’12) presented a research talk co-authored with Kayla Earls (U’15), two posters co-authored with current SUNY Oneonta Undergraduates, and chaired a session on crabs at the 3rd Bahamas National History Conference (March 14-18, 2016) […]