Underwater Art as a Conservation Tool

Underwater art as a conservation tool: raising awareness, relieving pressure on natural reefs Presented by Casuarina McKinney-Lambert Mallory Raphael In October 2014, the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) embarked on the creation of the country’s first underwater living art gallery. The Sir Nicholas Nuttall […]

Reef Rehabilitation of Key Coral Species

Reef Rehabilitation and Facilitating the Recovery of Endangered Coral Species Presented by Craig Dahlgren Craig Dahlgren, Andy Stamper, Tanya Kamerman, and Amber Thomas Live coral cover on Bahamian reefs has seen dramatic declines over the past 40 years due to global, regional and local threats […]

Deep-water Carbonate Mounds and Habitats of the Little Bahama Bank

Deep-water carbonate mound and associated hardground habitats along the western margin of Little Bahama Bank: keys to the past and a baseline for the future Presented by Charles G. Messing Charles G. Messing, Sönke Johnson, Steven H. D. Haddock, Edith A, Widder, A. Conrad Neumann, […]

Value of Bahamas Deepwater Reef Communities

Untold value of Bahamas reef communities: biodiversity and biomedical studies of sponges and octocorals Presented by Shirley Pomponi Shirley A. Pomponi, John K. Reed, Joshua D. Voss, and Amy E. Wright Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has conducted numerous undersea research expeditions in The Bahamas over […]

Cold Water Corals of The Bahamas

Cold-Water Corals – the Hidden Ecosystem in the Seaways of the Bahamas Presented by Gregor Eberli Gregor Eberli, Thiago B.S. Correa, Mark Grasmueck, Kimberly Galvez, John K. Reed, and Dierk Hebbeln The deep seaways surrounding the Bahamas contain a thriving ecosystem of cold-water coral reefs. […]

Overview of Coral Reef Health of The Bahamas

Overview of Bahamian Coral Reef Health: Current Status and Recent Trends Presented by Craig Dahlgren Craig Dahlgren, Krista Sherman, Judy Lang & Patricia Kramer The health of Bahamian coral reefs is affected by multiple threats from global, regional and local human impacts, which have increased […]

The Lionfish Invasion: Cause the Decline

The Lionfish Invasion: Cause The Decline Presented by Jocelyn Curtis-Quick Jocelyn Curtis-Quick, Alicia Hendrix, Alanna Waldman, Alexio Brown, Robert Drummond, Adrian Feller, Skylar Miler, Jason Selwyn, Stephanie Green, J Lad Akins, Isabelle Cote. The lionfish invasion has become an issue of critical concern in the […]

The Dollars and Sense of Sharks in The Bahamas

The Dollars and Sense of Sharks in The Bahamas: Non-consumptive economic valuation as a tool for conserving elasmobranch resources Presented by Edward Brooks Andrea Haas, Edward Brooks, and Tony Fedler As apex predators, sharks have significant ecological value in our oceans, however this argument has […]

Reproductive Success of the Green Sea Turtle

The Reproductive Success of the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) at Atlantis, Paradise Island Presented by Keisha Russel Keisha Russel and Michelle Liu-Williamson Atlantis, Paradise Island has displayed Green sea turtles for the past 20 years. During this time these amazing animals have matured and […]

Knowledge and Perceptions of Bahamians Concerning Sea Turtles

Assessing the knowledge and perceptions of Bahamians concerning sea turtles and their conservation Presented by Annabelle Brooks Annabelle Brooks, Rachel Miller, and Kate Barley-Kincaid The shallow banks environment of The Bahamas is an important foraging ground for juvenile and sub-adult individuals of four of the […]