A History of The Bahamas Through Maps

Presented by Todd T. Turrell

As a follow up to Todd’s talk “Mapping The Bahamas from Ancient Times to Present Day” at the 2014 Natural History Conference, this presentation will use antique maps to tell a brief history of The Bahamas. The new book “A History of The Bahamas Through Maps” is being published by Todd and should be in print just prior to the conference. The presentation will include not only maps but interesting exhibits (from the book) on geological history, a general map of Lucayan archaeological sites in The Bahamas, and an antiqued map of Columbus’ route. It will then examine different periods in the country’s history with antique maps of that particular era as the backdrop. Six to eight high resolution scans of important antique maps of the Caribbean will be shown, most enlarging the specific area of The Bahamas to support the presentation.

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