Lepidoptera of The Bahamas

Preliminary Results on Surveys of Lepidoptera of The Bahamas Presented by Jacqueline Miller Jacqueline Miller, Deborah Lott, Mark Simon, Gary Goss, Rick Rozycki, and Nancy Albury Lepidoptera as model study organisms are critical in studies of biodiversity in the Caribbean Basin and especially in The […]

The Kirtland’s Warbler

The Kirtland’s Warbler: Designing conservation programs for the Bahamas archipelago wintering grounds Presented by David Ewert David Ewert, Joseph Wunderle, Dave Currie, Jennifer White, Genie Fleming, Eric Carey, and Scott Johnson The Kirtland’s warbler (Setophaga kirtlandii), one of North America’s rarest Neotropical-Nearctic migrants, breeds almost […]

Biology, History, and Ecology of the Bahama Swallow

The population biology, life history, and ecology of the Bahama swallow (Tachycineta cyaneoviridis): informing conservation of an endemic bird species Presented by Maya Wilson Maya Wilson The Bahama swallow (Tachycineta cyaneoviridis) is a poorly known and endangered bird species that is endemic to the northern […]

Extirpation and Survival of Abaconian Birds

Extirpation and Survival of Abaconian Birds Before and After Human Arrival Presented by David Steadman David Steadman, Nancy Albury, and Janet Franklyn Using thousands of identified fossils from prehistoric sites on Abaco, we compare the rates of extinction (species-level loss), extirpation (population-level loss), and survival […]

From Students to Stewards

From Students to Stewards, Bahamas Awareness of Mangroves (B.A.M.) introduces a transformative mangrove curriculum to Abaco Presented by Amy Heemsoth Amy Heemsoth, Olivia Patterson-Maura, and Cassandra Abraham The Bahamas Awareness of Mangroves (B.A.M.) is an immersive, yearlong experiential education program that engages high school students […]

Bonefish Pond Mangrove ‘Restoration’ Monitoring

Bonefish Pond Mangrove ‘Restoration’ Monitoring Presented by Lindy C. Knowles Lindy C. Knowles, Craig Dahlgren, Felicity Burrows, Janeen Bullard, Agnessa Lundy Mangroves serve an important ecological function as a nursery for juveniles of many economically and ecologically important fish and invertebrate species. Since 1958, New […]

Forest Management Practices, The Bahamas Perspective

Forest Management Practices, The Bahamas Perspective: Past, Present, Future Presented by Christopher Russell Christopher Russell and Arien Sikken Forest inventories on Abaco and Andros have been carried out over the past years under FAO’s TCP/BHA/3401 project from 2012 to 2014. The main objectives were capacity […]

Great Bahamas Trees!

Great Bahamas Trees! Presented by Rick Joyce Trees in the Bahamas are extremely important. The trees greatly benefit from good human care. Valuable trees of the Bahamas include the native forest species, coastal mangroves, tropical fruit trees and introduced landscape trees. The proper pruning and […]

A Closer Look at a Mangrove Die-Off

A Closer Look at a Mangrove Die-Off Presented by Ryann E. Rossi Ryann E. Rossi, Stephanie K. Archer, and Craig A. Layman Mangroves are important foundation species in coastal ecosystems providing an estimated US $1.6 billion in ecosystem services worldwide. These services range from providing […]