Safeguarding the Natural Resources of San Salvador

Safeguarding the Natural Resources of San Salvador, through Science, Partnership & Community Participation Presented by Lakeshia Anderson Lakeshia Anderson Successful establishment and management of national parks are dependent upon cooperative relations between local communities and Park managers. Participatory engagement of stakeholders is therefore an essential […]

Population Density Study on Lizard Species

Population Density Study on Lizard Species found at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Presented by Tamarind Johnson Tamarind Johnson, Ethan Freid, Joe Wasilewski, Shannan Yates, Francesca Rahming, and Shontes Hall According to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Fauna And Flora Fact Sheet number five, […]

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Environment

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Environment: Leveraging the Power of Capitalism to Solve Our Most Pressing Problems Presented by Dr. Joseph Steensma Joseph Steensma There is little question that many of the environmental challenges faced in the Bahamas and around the world are a product of […]

Science and Conservation at Leon Levy

Science and Conservation at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Presented by Ethan H. Fried Ethan H. Fried The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve since its inception has worked on the conservation of terrestrial plants in the Bahamian Archipelago. In addition to studying the general […]

A Sustainable Future for Exuma

Exuma Topics: A Framework for Synthesizing Collective Fieldwork Presented by Gareth Doherty & Nicolette Bethel Gareth Doherty and Nicolette Bethel The Bahamas is an archipelagic nation consisting of hundreds of islands and cays varying in size and proximity, interconnected and porous, and constantly in flux […]

Re-engineering Tourism for the Anthropocene

Re-engineering Tourism for the Anthropocene: Cases from The Bahamas Presented by Dr. Amelia Moore Dr. Amelia Moore Dr. Amelia Moore Assistant Professor of Sustainable Coastal Tourism and Recreation Marine Affairs College of the Environment and Life Sciences University of Rhode Island Visiting Professor (January-April […]

Mainstreaming Natural Capital

Ecosystem-based Development for Andros Island, The Bahamas: A Policy Review Presented by Shenique Albury-Smith Shenique Albury-Smith The Nature Conservancy’s Bahamas Program is working with The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) to support the design of the Andros Island Master Plan with spatially detailed assessments of the […]

The E-Word / Developing Bahamian Specific Conservation Plans

Prioritising the E-Word: Developing Bahamian Specific Sustainable Development Plans Presented by Nikita Shiel-Rolle Nikita Shiel-Rolle The Bahamas must take an immediate and proactive approach to combat the imminent threat of climate change and the loss of biodiversity. As the country works towards achieving the 2030 […]

Population Assessment and Observations of Ameiva auberi

Population Assessment of the Ameiva auberi sub-species in The Bahamas Presented by Shannan Yates Shannan Yates The Ameiva auberi sub-species in The Bahamas are commonly call forest runners, blue tail lizards or lion lizards and show some sexual dimorphism. They are active lizards that will […]

Bark with Little Bite

Bark with Little Bite: The Tale of the Royal Bahamian Potcake Presented by Charlkesha Rahming Charlkesha Rahming This study aims to add historical value to the domestic dog in the Bahamas. Originating from the gray wolf, Canis lupus, the domestic dog, Canis familiaris, has quite […]