Population Density Study on Lizard Species found at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Presented by Tamarind Johnson

Tamarind Johnson, Ethan Freid, Joe Wasilewski, Shannan Yates, Francesca Rahming, and Shontes Hall

According to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Fauna And Flora Fact Sheet number five, The Bahamas has twenty-nine species of lizards, which includes several rare and endangered iguana species and curly tailed lizards. My research focused on lizard species found in The Bahamas because of my natural curiosity with lizards and their behavior. Lizards are all around The Bahamas whether they are inside of homes, schools or government buildings. After preforming initial research on all lizard species found in the Bahamas I discovered that some lizard species that were located one island but may not be present on another island. This discovery led me to perform a density population study on lizard species found in Eleuthera specifically at The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. My objectives were to assess the lizard population, along with the environmental and anthropogenic factors that may have influenced the present lizard population and compare data collected over a period of time from different sites at The Preserve.

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