Great Bahamas Trees!

Presented by Rick Joyce

Trees in the Bahamas are extremely important. The trees greatly benefit from good human care. Valuable trees of the Bahamas include the native forest species, coastal mangroves, tropical fruit trees and introduced landscape trees. The proper pruning and overall care of trees will increase their health and extend their life. Sharing best tree pruning and care practices adds value to trees for the long-term. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is an international organization that advocates sound tree pruning and care around the world. The ISA has a widely recognized “Certified Arborist” program. This arborist certification provides valuable education to anyone that propagates, grows, installs or maintain trees. My tree growing, pruning and care research has been ongoing for over 30 years. As a long-time International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) board member, Certified Arborist and having the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), I have given hundreds of presentations on the pruning and care of trees. Beyond work as a professional forester, my wife and I operate a wholesale tree and plant growing nursery in Southwest Florida growing thousands of trees, including mangroves and other coastal trees that are native to the Bahamas. In 2015, we contract grew just grew 30,000 mangroves. Improved care of all trees provides extended tree life, strength, beauty and value. Sharing an understanding of basic structural tree pruning to advanced arboriculture will help ensure a healthy urban and natural forest in the Bahamas for the long-term. As the Bahamas continues to grow and urbanize, the value and significance of urban forestry science will be introduced. Mangrove trees in the Bahamas command additional care. Mangrove trees and forests are a critically important plant species for the entire Bahamas marine system. A reasonable balance between desire of residents and property owners (e.g.; views, access, navigation) and the health of the marine systems can be achieved by creative design and careful pruning. The goal of this presentation is to share the latest research on tree growing, care and especially on pruning. It is hoped that this presentation will result in an increased interest in Bahamas trees and in the long-term importance of good tree care.

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